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Mar 24, 2014


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I need this....but breakfast over.....for dinner! :)


Um, YUM. French toast is my favorite thing for breakfast!


hena tayeb

yum. looks great


I have some blackberries in the fridge! Maybe I can use that method to make blackberry sauce. Do you think it will turn out okay even if they're not frozen?

This looks so delicious. I love french toast and bacon...mmm! :)
Carla @ love cartista


Ooh this looks so good, especially with the bacon!


I love french toast! Next time I make bacon, I definitely would like to try it this way.

Welcome Home Taylor

French toast is my favorite too, Indy!

Carla, I think this will definitely work with blackberries as well! They don't have to be frozen, that's just what I happen to have on hand always.


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