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Mar 12, 2014


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Super cute! Love this dress!

I agree, in the winter, I get to feeling real sad not wearing dresses as much as I would like....but a maxi dress with leggings, might be a good option!


I am in LOVE with this outfit! I don't know how I'm just discovering your blog now? I've followed you on Bloglovin', Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! I also saw under your 'blog love' that your read Bleubird! She's one of my favorite mama bloggers and one of the reasons I went into blogging <3


Semirah Dolan

Omg I'm totally using this outfit as an inspiration for a party I am going to friday night. I totally understand the effy weather situation and love how you "winterized" the maxi.

Welcome Home Taylor

Amy: isn't it the best idea?! I wish I had come up with it myself, but I'm just glad I know about this trick now!

Sinova: Thank you so much! You're very sweet! And isn't Bleubird wonderful? I love her blog.

Semirah: That's awesome that you're gonna use this idea! I just whipped it up because it was what I had on hand mostly, but I love that it kind of dresses the maxi down a bit and makes it more casual.


Lindsey // MoreAwesomerBlog.com

I love this outfit! The dress isn't casual at all which makes the chambray shirt perfect. Great choice!

Welcome Home Taylor

Thanks Lindsey!


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